September 26, 2012


Sometimes I feel anxious about my future and where life is going to take me...dealing with stress and daily life pressures.
We have grown up thinking that we deserve that amazing job and stellar paycheck and perfect life...yet we often don't get that perfect job fresh out of school nor do we ever get that perfect life. My focus now is to be present each and everyday and to find things I am grateful and appreciative of. I
can admit I focus too much on what I don't have or what I am missing out on, so much of my energy wasted on negatives.
I have commited myself to try to stop worrying what tomorrow will bring and be focused on the present. I've learned that you can plan life all you want but the truth is it often doesn't turn out that way and that's ok. I will learn to except these changes and experiences as they shape and mold me into the person I'm suppose to be!
Gigi xoxx


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Great quotes! New follower.